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Designed For Change Organic WANT T-Shirt - Navy

Designed For Change Organic WANT T-Shirt - Navy

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Introducing our environmentally conscious Navy WANT T-Shirt for men, designed with a commitment to change. Each shirt bears the empowering message 'Designed For Change', reflecting our dedication to a better world. Elevate your style with purpose and make a statement with every step.

Unlock a new level of comfort with our T-Shirts! To enjoy a more relaxed fit with our slim line range, consider selecting a size up from your regular choice. Embrace the perfect blend of style and ease, ensuring a look that feels as good as it looks. Elevate your wardrobe with the right size for your ultimate comfort.


- Slim Fit
- Model is 6’1’\", 44in chest, wears a size L


Screen Printed Design: The bold and impactful WANT logo is screen printed on each T-shirt. This handcrafted technique ensures that each print is unique and carries a sense of authenticity. By wearing these T-shirts, you proudly display your support for the anti-fast fashion movement and your commitment to making a difference.

Anti-Fast Fashion: We believe in challenging the norms of the fashion industry and promoting sustainable practices. By choosing these T-shirts, you actively participate in the movement against fast fashion, encouraging ethical production and consumption.

Personal Connection: At WANT, we value transparency and human connection. We know the names of the individuals involved in the production process, from cutting and stitching to ironing and folding. We ensure fair treatment and care for our team, just as we do for our customers. With every purchase, you contribute to supporting a system that prioritizes both people and the planet.


  • 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
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