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Japanese Punk Rock Bike Organic T-Shirt - Grey

Japanese Punk Rock Bike Organic T-Shirt - Grey

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Unlock a new level of comfort with our T-Shirts! To enjoy a more relaxed fit with our slim line range, consider selecting a size up from your regular choice. Embrace the perfect blend of style and ease, ensuring a look that feels as good as it looks. Elevate your wardrobe with the right size for your ultimate comfort.

Straight from Japan, the Punk Rock Biker T-Shirt features a cool and rebellious little dude that embodies the spirit of punk rock and biking from We Are Not Them. Designed by the talented Kiichi Watanabe, who shares the same passion for motorcycles, this T-shirt is a true representation of the biking culture and attitude.


- Slim Fit
- Model is 6’1’\", 44in chest, wears a size L


Eye-catching Design: The #wearenotthem design demands attention with its striking visual impact. Kiichi Watanabe's artistic prowess shines through in this design, challenging conventional norms and inviting viewers to question societal expectations.

Super Cool Lid: This design has proven to be a crowd-pleaser during extensive testing. Its coolness factor is undeniable, making it a firm favorite among those who appreciate unique and edgy fashion choices.

Kiichi Watanabe's Artistry: As with all of Kiichi Watanabe's designs, the #wearenotthem design showcases the artist's ability to create thought-provoking and visually captivating pieces. It's a testament to the artist's talent and the ability to spark meaningful conversations through art.


  • 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
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