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One Engine WANT Organic T-Shirt - Limited Edition

One Engine WANT Organic T-Shirt - Limited Edition

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Unlock a new level of comfort with our T-Shirts! To enjoy a more relaxed fit with our slim line range, consider selecting a size up from your regular choice. Embrace the perfect blend of style and ease, ensuring a look that feels as good as it looks. Elevate your wardrobe with the right size for your ultimate comfort.

Created by the talented designer Kiichi Watanabe, this Organic T-shirt showcases a stunning design made up of engine parts, capturing the essence of the motorcycle world. With meticulous attention to detail, this design is sure to impress.


    - Slim Fit

    - 6’1’\", 44in chest, wears a size L


    Features of Mens Fashion T Shirt:

    Intricate Design: The focal point of this T-shirt is the elaborate design on the back. Engine parts intricately form a visually striking pattern, reflecting the passion and dedication of the motorbike world. The level of detail in the design demonstrates the designer's deep understanding and love for motorcycles.

    Unique Style: This T-shirt is specifically designed for the sharp-dressed bike fan who wants to stand out. The combination of the cool engine parts design and the overall aesthetic creates a unique and eye-catching look. Whether you're a seasoned rider or simply appreciate the style and culture surrounding bikes, this T-shirt is a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

    Designer's Passion: Kiichi Watanabe, the talented designer behind this T-shirt, shares the same love for motorcycles as the fans who wear her creations. Her passion is evident in the intricacy and thoughtfulness of the design. We encourage you to explore her Instagram feed, where you'll find even more inspiring works of art.

    The Sharp Dressed Bike Fan T-Shirt is a remarkable piece of clothing that celebrates the passion and style of the motorcycle world. Its detailed engine parts design on the back makes a bold statement, attracting attention from fellow enthusiasts and admirers alike. Created by the talented Kiichi Watanabe, this T-shirt showcases her commitment to capturing the essence of motorbikes through art. Wear it proudly and connect with other bike lovers who share your appreciation for the two-wheeled world. Don't miss the opportunity to add this unique and stylish T-shirt to your collection.


    • 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
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