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Three Motorcycle Tee - WANT Men's Organic T-Shirt

Three Motorcycle Tee - WANT Men's Organic T-Shirt

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Unlock a new level of comfort with our T-Shirts! To enjoy a more relaxed fit with our slim line range, consider selecting a size up from your regular choice. Embrace the perfect blend of style and ease, ensuring a look that feels as good as it looks. Elevate your wardrobe with the right size for your ultimate comfort.

We are excited to present the Anmol Mathur Designed T-Shirt from We Are Not Them, a remarkable creation inspired by the original art of Matthew Allard from Inked Iron. Anmol Mathur, the talented designer behind this masterpiece, hails from Uttar Pradesh and is currently studying automotive design at a university. This T-shirt showcases Anmol's creativity and passion for both art and automotive design, making it a unique and captivating piece.



- Slim Fit
- Model is 6’1’\", 44in chest, wears a size L


Inspired by Inked Iron: Anmol Mathur found inspiration in the original art of Matthew Allard, known for his distinctive style and expertise in automotive design. The T-shirt reflects the fusion of Inked Iron's aesthetics and Anmol's personal touch, resulting in a design that celebrates the beauty of automotive art.
Automotive Design Passion: Anmol Mathur's choice to study automotive design reveals his deep-rooted passion for the field. Through this T-shirt, he showcases his talent and love for automobiles, allowing you to wear a piece of his artistic journey.

Support for Designers: At our company, we believe in supporting and empowering designers. That's why we ensure that every designer, including Anmol Mathur, receives a commission for each T-shirt sold. By purchasing this T-shirt, you not only acquire a cool and unique piece but also contribute to helping the designer realize their dreams and continue pursuing their passion.

The Anmol Mathur Designed T-Shirt is a testament to the fusion of art and automotive passion. Inspired by Inked Iron's original art by Matthew Allard, this T-shirt showcases Anmol Mathur's creativity and automotive design expertise. By wearing this T-shirt, you not only display a cool and unique design but also directly support the designer in their journey towards realizing their dreams. Join us in celebrating the artistry and talent of Anmol Mathur by acquiring this exceptional T-shirt and becoming a part of his creative journey.


  • 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
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